Monday, July 14, 2008

4% Chance?

So the doctor told me that the pill prevents pregnancy's 96% of the time. Pretty high chance right? that's what me and Alex thought too. Be careful all you pill-takers. I guess that leaves the other 4% to people like me. Bottom line is.... Heavenly Father wanted this to happen, and we are very excited! I was feeling so sick for a long time. I called my mom and told her all my symptoms and she said, you sound like your PREGNANT. No way! I didn't believe that for a second. then a week or two passed and I was still feeling sick. Alex went to the store and bought me a test. and well here I am about nine weeks pregnant. Who would have thought? I have been so so sick! Doing even the simplest things wipes me out. If I dont get a long nap in everyday, I feel like death. Alex is being the sweetest husband ever taking such good care of me, and being extremely patient. But I know that he secretly loves that my boobs have grown almost two sizes-so I guess the first trimester is not all bad!

Its Been SO Long.....

I haven't updated my blog for 2 months, but I do have some excuses. We have been trying to get settled and haven't had Internet... AND I have been pretty busy with volleyball and work. WE have had a couple camps and a lot of open gym and weight training time. I'm getting excited/nervous for what this season might bring. I had 50 girls show up to our tryout meeting which was WAAAY more than I expected. That means nearly 1/2 of them will be cut. It's going to be hard because I don't know any of these girls before now. Al has been working long hours at the business. he is constantly working hard all day. i love that about him he never quits working hard!!!! well anyways here are some pics! now that we are more established and organized, ill be able to update lots so check back!!
AL working hard ( AS USUAL)! hes so funny he put the box that the grill came in on the floor so he wouldn't scratch the garage. he is such a perfectionist ! i just laugh i love him! I'm in Blanding right now at tiff's we just got back from a run and it kicked my butt.