Sunday, March 9, 2008

Wild Weekend

This weekend was so much fun. All of my family came down for Keatyn's blessing. We had so much fun! WE spent so much time outside. I love when everyone comes, I love all my babies-they are all so cute. I can't wait for my wedding so we can all be together again!

Thursday, March 6, 2008


Today, my mom, Tiff, Cami, Jana (Al's mom), and me went shopping for my dress!!! YAY! The first store we went to the lady was psycho and told us no kids were allowed, so we said nevermind to them, seeing as how we had 3 baby boys with us. So we tried another store and the lady was awesome. She brought out toys and treats for the babies and the store was WAY nicer and better.
This isnt the best picture of it because for some reason my computer wont let me do the other good ones, Ill try again tonight!

If you've ever been married you know getting a dress is the most exciting part (almost). After a while I had narrowed it down to 2, and decided on this, isn't it BEAUTIFUL!!! I LOVE IT!

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Three girls!

Me, Xayla and baby Keatyn

Sara talked me into trying out the blogging thing! Only five weeks till i get married im so excited time is going by so slow! me and Al live in Las Veas right now just patiently waiting for the big day! we love living here. We get to spend time with scoot and sara and their new cutest addition keatyn! we love her and she loves uncle al! they even have the same hair!