Tuesday, December 30, 2008

We were all at my moms last week and it been about twenty mins when we realized Taeg wasnt there. We instantly all shot up and started looking. Everyone scattered the house and yard. We had been looking for a while and were starting to panic. My dad looked in the laundry room
under the table cloth in this laundry basket and there he found taeg, sound asleep. I couldnt believe he fell asleep like that. this is what he said about it after he woke up: "I saw the laundry basket full of towels and thought this looks comfty so i pretended it was night time and went to sleep."

It snowed so hard in Nephi the other day it took me and gangster like two hours to get to the grocery store thats just down the street.

All the boys rockin thier dickies. It was so funny watching them eat crap down those huge hills.

My dad and I.

Me, Taeg and owl eating funions. Best treat ever!

Chase and hay. You should have seen hay go off the jump it was so funny.

We went sledding the day after christmas it was so much fun. Keezy looks so freakin cute.

It was so hard to get the babies to hold still for a picture. They all look so cute in thier christmas jammies.

Sara and Scoot and grandpa morris. We had so much good food on christmas eve.

Chase sang us a song before our dinner. It sounded so good. He is such a stud.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Gangster and i went christmas shopping today. The malls were crazy i couldnt believe how much people were there. I always love shopping when its the holidays and its complety chaotic It makes it more exciting.

Its the most wonderful time of the year!!

This is by far the BEST time of the year i love everything about it. Tonight me and alex and ninz drove around Nephi and looked at all the lights. I love how pretty the lights look in the snow. This is our park. They go all out and this picture doesn't do justice to how good it really looked! I LOVE CHRISTMAS!!

Monday, December 15, 2008

I love this picture of booty. He always has that worried concerned look on his face.

Chase and keezy getting ready for nana's funeral. keatyn is so freakin cute and so chubby we love her. She never stops going

Tripp and Cash are so funny when they play together . they just talk in thier own language all day. Thier favorite place to go is up the stairs its like a constant workout to keep them from climbing to the top. I guess we were a little slow this time!

My mom is such a pretty lady. I love her and am so so greatful to have her she does so much for me!

Chase and hay always having a good time. We love them. look at all the food on the table... that never fails at my moms house!

Great picture of alex! He is fixing our bathtub. I tried to fix it like the hole time alex was at work and he came home and fixed it in like 2 minutes . I was so mad, but so happy that my husband is extremely handy and can do things like that.

These are a few of my most favorite girls. I love them we always always have fun when we are together. Ya.... my big ol belly wasn't about to fit on that chair with them

Tiff and gangster at dawnanne's shower. we had alot of fun, and it was cool to hang out with all the family. plus there was really good food there. thats always a bonus

In the midst of all the commotion of our crazy week i almost forgot that i was thrity one weeks! yay!! Time really does fly when your having fun...or when your really really busy. I am getting so close and starting to get really nervous. My nervs really started to kick in when my sisters and my cousins decided to inform me on some important things that go on during labor that i had no idea about. I cant believe that some of those things happen wow! but my nervs quickly went away and so did everything else i was worried about when we went to dawnanne's shower and i held the cutest little new born baby. That got me so excited and i cant believe that i will get to have one of my own so soon. Im so greatful that i have been so blessed during this pregnancy and so greatful that heavenly father is trusting me to raise this beautiful baby. I cant wait to hold him and see what he looks like!!

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

This is my massage table. Alex makes it perfect. he even puts a little hole where my belly can go so i dont smash the little guy. What a great husband.

Wow it looks alot bigger from this view! this is me at thirty weeks. i only have ten weeks left and i cant even believe how fast its gone. I hope it continues to fly on by.

This is our first christmas being marrried. we went and got a tree today i wanted to get the ugliest one there because i always feel bad for the ones no one wants. We came pretty close. Alex put all the lights on and decided they didnt look perfect so he took them all off and started over. who has patience for that? definitely not me.

Alex , his daddy, and brother completely glued to the cowboys game.