Saturday, August 16, 2008


It has been such a good summer And so so so busy! My belly gets bigger everyday! I am now about 14 weeks. YAY no more first trimester!! I'm starting to feel alot better to ( thank heavens). I just got done with my volleyball tryouts im so glad that part is over! It is by far the worst part of coaching im sure. I am so excited to start practicing with my team now. Alex is hunting right now at fish lake I miss him like crazy!! I hate being away from him !!
Me and Tiff just chillaxin at seven peaks! I was so happy she came up while Dev was in Alaska! We had a great time!!!

My Ever expanding belly........ its so weird just knowing that no matter what you do, your belly is gauranteed to get bigger everyday! - 12 weeks
Amy, chelsea, Baby keatyn, and BOO BOO! Good times always with these girls!
Tripp with his stunna shades on!!

Al's face says it all ! ......Please try to ignore his hand
Booty fell asleep at Seven Peaks! Three trips around the lazy river could knock anyone out!

I LOVE waking BOOTY up from is naps-he's always so happy!! And I especially love his chewed up crib!
This is my most FAVORTIE treat in the whole world ! chocolate donut!! WOW!!
This is my eight week ultrasound so cute!! I cant believe at 8 weeks along you can already see the cute little body and head I could also see the little heart beating it was awesome!! now im like 14 weeks so i cant wait to see my next one! We went and heard the heart beat last week! anyone who has ever been pregnant will probably agree that is one of the coolest things in the world...i got a little choked up!!!