Saturday, May 31, 2008


A few updates: I've been getting ready for upcoming volleyball season and have a few camps ready to go next month. I love living in Nephi, and being close to Alex's family, I just wish mine were closer. I work part time as a secretary at Sanpete Steel and the rest of my time is spent planning and organizing volleyball, and working on our house and yard. We made a trip to Blanding-again because Alex and I joined in my family's Memorial Day campout tradition. That's what these pictures are from. Next week Ryan and Cami are going to Georgia for a whole week and they trusted me with the two boys! AH! I'm a little nervous but super excited, I just hope the boys dont get homesick. We're also headed to Vegas this weekend for Alex's work and will be there until Thursday, then I come home and have a volleyball camp for the weekend. I'll let you know how it all goes!

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

weekend in Blanding

While we were in blanding a couple weekends ago, the weather was so great we decided to go hiking. Ryan, Cami, Taeg, Tripp, Amy, Booboo, Alex and I hiked up to Butler cave and then went and played in the water @ Cotton wood. The boys loved it. Alex packed Tripp in the baby-pack, which he LOVED!! Al even taught Tripp how to say Owl (Al's nick name given to him by taeg). We had so much fun!