Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Whats with the boys thinking they can do this while we slave away for three days to prepare thanksgiving dinner.

My mother in law is an awesome cook. Today we made some fabulous pies for thanksgiving. im so lucky that i have two mother in laws and a mom that are amazing cooks. I call them for advise all the time. I had no idea making pie crust would be so hard. but me and lisa conquered it. next time , however, i will probably use the pillsbury crust. WAY easier.

Monday, November 24, 2008

Yes i know..... so weird right? i CRAVE celery. I cannot get enough of it. I really eat like two things of it a day. i dont know why, but there is something about the crunch and the juice that comes out when i crunch it that completely satisfies me. My poor husband wants to kill me im sure. he can hear me crunching in the other room.... not to mention, he has been on plenty of late night celery runs for me. What a great guy! i love him. he is the perfect husband for his pregnant wife. He gives me a back and foot rub evey night. he fills up bubble baths for me , and even helps me tie my shoes, since i cant bend anymore! I love him and we cant wait for our baby boy!!

This is me at 28 weeks. i really cant believe how fast my pregnancy has gone so far. Iam not sick anymore and it is freakin awesome. now i can just enjoy being pregnant and i love it. He is moving around all the time my belly is like a giant wave i love looking at at. It is so cool to be able to feel my belly and know where his head or his bum is. Alex loves feeling him move to. When he moves and you can feel how real it is and know there is an actual baby in there is just the coolest thing. It makes up for any crappy sick days i ever had. I am just so excited and ancy for him to come! I only have 12 weeks. yay!

About a month ago alex and i went and hiked mount timp. Talk about a work out! i had no idea it would be that hard but it was so fun. it was such a pretty time of year. All the leaves were falling and changing colors. it was absolutly beautiful.