Tuesday, December 30, 2008

We were all at my moms last week and it been about twenty mins when we realized Taeg wasnt there. We instantly all shot up and started looking. Everyone scattered the house and yard. We had been looking for a while and were starting to panic. My dad looked in the laundry room
under the table cloth in this laundry basket and there he found taeg, sound asleep. I couldnt believe he fell asleep like that. this is what he said about it after he woke up: "I saw the laundry basket full of towels and thought this looks comfty so i pretended it was night time and went to sleep."


Cambria, Ryan, Taeg & Tripp said...

I love that picture. I'm so glad you caught it. Talk about a heartattack!!!

Laici said...

Oh come on, that wasn't the first place you looked?! ;) That's hilarious, I love his perfectly logical explaination!

The Lacy Family said...

i believe we owe you a congrats!!!!!